I work mostly with clients in person in the Los Angeles area or remotely. Because all of this work is so intimate, I require a short application process for every client to make sure we’re the right fit for each other. Check out all my offerings below to see which one speaks to you.


healing sessions

Reiki is a type of light-touch energy therapy that activates your natural healing process. Sound healing with Solfeggio tuning forks enhances each session according to your energy systems’ needs. Healing sessions may also include divination techniques that help guide you on your spiritual path. They’re used as guides; I am not a psychic, nor do I play one on TV. ;)


intuitive coaching

True transformation comes with accountability and a little bit of guidance. Like all healing and magic, this work comes from your core. Discover (or rediscover) the joy and flow that comes with leaning way into your purpose with these weekly remote sessions. Intuitive coaching sessions may also include divination, spell work, and energy healing, depending on your needs and goals.


custom spell work

All custom spell work starts with a 30-minute session to get to the root of your desire and find the perfect spell to begin moving your energy in the right direction. Opt for a complete custom spell kit sent straight to your door or a full spell done on your behalf by yours truly. I practice a Western European lineage that includes candle magic, charms, sigils, crystals, and herbal magic.