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Mallory Leone

Reiki, Energy Healing, Coaching, Spell Work

Like so many healers, I started studying and practicing most of these modalities for my personal healing and transformation.

I’ve spent most of my life cycling in and out of depression and feeling incredibly lost and disconnected from purpose and joy.

From abusive relationships to terrible jobs to numbing my pain with alcohol, drugs, and food.

After entering the nutrition science field in 2013, I began to realize that change was actually possibly. Fatigue, chronic depression, and IBS aren’t normal, guys!

But after my divorce, there was an even more profound shift. I realized that true healing goes a lot deeper than a meal plan and supplements.


The Shift

For me, healing started with nutrition. Then it was meditation — which more of a survival tactic at first. Then, the medicine shifted back to the spell work and moon magic I used to practice when I was a teenager.

With all of these tools, I felt like I was finally shedding years of expectation and pain and stepping into my own skin again.

Then, I experienced a family tragedy that rocked my entire world. Again, the portals of healing opened up and I spent a year studying energy medicine and divination tools.

Painful, dramatic shifts in our lives can trigger some of the most profound healing.

I believe in the constant transformation and evolution of your soul while we’re here on earth.

If you’re ready to go deeper to tap into your soul’s purpose and path, I would love to go with you on that journey.


The Healing

Reiki Healing

Shamanic Energy Healing

Vibrational Sound Healing

Intuitive Coaching