"My one-on-one Sessions with Mallory have been absolutely pivotal for my path in life. The information presented creates space for me to authentically reflect on my experience, tap into my truest feelings and needs, challenge unproductive and limiting thoughts, and ultimately free myself to trust my intuition and grow. It’s been life-changing - to the point where I’ve gifted sessions to my dearest friends and family so that they can experience Mallory’s gifts!”

— Deena M.


Client Magic

“Mallory did an incredible card reading for me that was eerily on point. In fact, the level of detail was so meticulous that it left me pretty taken back. I listened to it at the beginning of the week and then went back and listened at the end, and the details she mentioned all came to fruition and I have to say, I can't wait to do it again! Mallory's gift is so special and I feel incredibly lucky to have witnessed it.”


I had been struggling to feel motivated lately, I just kept feeling like all my efforts were getting me nowhere and I was stuck in a frustrating loop. I am not kidding when I say the DAY after I did Mallory's spell everything started to change. I woke up the next morning and it was like some part of my brain shifted and all the impossible things felt possible. I finished working on my website, I started coming up with new ideas for marketing, and most of all I was excited again about all the potential. I am so grateful for Mallory and her magic!


I have wanted to start meditating for a while, because I felt it was a missing link in my day-to-day/life, but every time I’d try to do it on my own, I’d judge myself and it just didn’t feel natural. Mallory’s guidance not only made me feel more comfortable with the process, but allowed me to finally experience meditation in a way that felt deep and meaningful. I also appreciate that I’ve now learned how to incorporate ritual into my everyday life in a practical way that I can actually maintain and benefit from. I truly feel that Mallory has a special gift for helping people set intention through ritual and compassion.


Mallory will give you all the tools you need to start putting your power into real, energetic action. Joining forces with Mallory plugs you in. It will charge you up, ground you into your own power, and give you the current you need to charge ahead.