Hey. Let me write your content.

You do a lot. So, even though you probably love research and writing, many of your ideas get lost in a whirlwind of sales funnels, product formulations, and client visits.  

That's cool, though. Because I'm really good at what I do. Fill out the form below and Click that little box below and describe some of your content needs. Odds are, we can help.

How it works


We collaborate

I work closely with you and your team to find your voice, your message, and your content marketing goals. Then I'll go to town to deliver the most engaging, science-y content out there. Have as much or as little to do with the process as you want. Honey badger don't care. 

I do the work

I cover the gamut in content creation, from writing YouTube descriptions to crafting the most engaging email copy you've ever read. I'll do all the things you hate, like copy editing or researching your next book. Hell, I'll just write the whole book for you. 

You relax

So now you have the high quality, science-driven content of your dreams. Go on vacation or learn to play the sitar with all the extra time you have now that you're not stressing about content creation or researching the hundreds of citations your publisher is asking for. 

I want to hear your story

You have a message. Let's get it out into the world where it belongs. Enter your contact info and a brief description of your content needs and I'll get back to you within 3-5 business days. You're awesome.

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